Bring your friend and get 20% to account as a gift

How to get 20% discount from “Bring Your Friends” Referral Program?

We have Referral program called "Bring Your Friends” which is the best method to get extra money only by telling your friends about Issohost. "Bring Your Friends” is the best choice for users who want to earn online, so the time is working for you in IssoHost. Today, we’re excited to let you know that “Bring Your Friends” has been started in Issohost! Now is the chance for you to cooperate with us by signing up Issohost’s billing system.

Please read carefully the guides about “Bring Your Friends” program step by step and review how to get 20% discount by sharing Issohost’s referral link with your friends:

How to access Referral program called “Bring Your Friends” in details?

1. Log in to your Issohost billing system.

2. Click Referral program from the left menu called Customer.

3. After click Referral program, you will see Referral link which you need to share with your friends. You will see your incomes & Statistics of transitions on the referral link that you have obtained through Referral program in that page too.

4. How to Share link of Referral program called “Bring Your Friends”?

Users can copy and paste this link into a websites, blogs, forums etc. or users can share their links via e-mail or directly to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - See more at: or details as follows.

Who can use “Bring Your Friends”?
“Bring Your Friends” is intended for all users except current users of Issohost. So, current Issohost users will not be approved by this program. Only new users can apply to Referral link for “Bring Your Friends”. Users can attract as many friends as they want! Users will get a 20% discount from each friend.

How do I get started with “Bring Your Friends”?
You can share your link for “Bring Your Friends” using the social media icons (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) or with an e-mail. You can also copy and paste your personal referral link directly into messages or post it on a websites, blogs and forums etc.

What do my friends should do that I can get my discount?
When your friends order with your referral link, then you will get your 20% discount.
Please note that your friends must use the link that you especially provided them so we can associate them with your referral.